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    Guangdong Eashu Pharmacetical Co.,Ltd. located in the picturesque piedmont of Ding Hu Hill , which founded on October , 2000 . It covers 2000 square meters , including solid preparation workshop 2000 M2 , chemosynthesis bulk drug workshop 1800 M2 ,office building and testing center 1600 M2 , along with the a series of full set supporting facilities such as power supply , firecontrol , fuel boiler , treatment of sewage , roadway  ... 




    If you have the reward, you have the reward, the innovation, the value, the quality, the market, the health, the future.

    Strive to provide patients with healthy products, provide career development platforms for employees, provide cooperative and win-win opportunities for partners, and witness the wonderful future together with health

       Corporate Purpose 
    Care for life with high-quality products, 

    and health for the public with high-quality products

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